Fuji Photo Film Co. said that it has won two patent infringement cases against Jazz Photo Corp. of the US.

Japan’s top producer of photographic film and paper said in a press release that on Jan. 14, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a New Jersey District Court decision ordering Jazz Photo to pay Fuji Photo around $30 million in compensation for infringing upon its camera-related patents.

The New Jersey court had ruled earlier that Jazz Photo, of Piscataway, New Jersey, had sold more than 40 million imported, reconstructed, or newly made disposable cameras that infringed on 14 of Fuji Photo’s patents.

The ITC also ordered Benun to pay $119,750 to the government. The combined amount was the largest ever imposed by the ITC for unfair competition in international trade, Fuji Photo said. (Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)