Night and weekend shifts will start in July to relieve port congestion

PierPASS Inc. announced that registration began on May 23, for OffPeak, the new program to reduce congestion at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. By providing an incentive for cargo operations on nights and weekends, OffPeak aims to reduce daytime truck trips and improve air quality in and around the ports.

Beginning in the second half of July, all marine terminals in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will start OffPeak shifts on nights and weekends. At that time, a Traffic Mitigation Fee will be required for cargo movement through the ports during peak daytime hours, with certain exceptions. Only registered users will be able to pay this fee.

“Registration of port users is a critical milestone that will enable OffPeak to begin addressing port congestion problems,” said PierPASS President and CEO Bruce Wargo. “We strongly encourage all port users—whether they intend to use peak or off-peak gates—to register well in advance of the July launch.”

Users of the ports (such as cargo owners, brokers, truckers and logistics companies) can register for OffPeak through a link on the PierPASS website , or by going directly to the registration site at ..

PierPASS plans to begin a systems testing period in mid-June. At that time, all computer systems will be operational, and financial and gate systems will be stress-tested during daytime shifts.

Port of Long Beach Executive Director Richard D. Steinke said, “By allowing cargo to move on nights and weekends, OffPeak will play an important role in mitigating traffic congestion and air pollution around the ports, while helping the industry and community cope with growing cargo volumes.”

Port of Los Angeles Interim Executive Director Bruce E. Seaton said, “With off-peak gates open in our ports, this is an important first step in reducing terminal congestion. We see PierPASS as one of many steps we are taking to enhance the efficiency of our supply chain for both the industry and surrounding communities.”

Traffic mitigation fee

Starting in the second half of July, PierPASS will assess a “Traffic Mitigation Fee” on all loaded containers entering or exiting marine terminal gates by road during peak daytime hours (weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). When OffPeak is in full operation, the fee will be $40 per teu, or $80 for a 40-foot container. However, during the initial ramp-up period of several weeks, PierPASS will set the fee at $20 per teu.

PierPASS will not assess a fee for empty containers and chassis, domestic containers, or transshipment to other ports. Nor will it assess a fee for intermodal containers that depart or arrive via the Alameda Corridor for import or export and that pay an ACTA fee. The beneficial cargo owners (shippers, consignees, or their agents) are responsible for payment of the fee. The trucking community and water carriers are not responsible for the payment.