Effective today Oct 1st, TRAC Intermodal will support Motor Carriers servicing Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, LTD. ( “K” Line ) in Croxton, New Jersey. This completes “K” Line’s transition away from providing chassis to Motor Carriers for merchant haulage moves at all Metropolitan New York & New Jersey Ocean Terminals, which was effective July 12, 2012. Bridge Chassis Supply (BCS), will no longer be providing chassis for “K” Line in the Metro NY/NJ area.

Billing responsibility is unchanged:Merchant Haulage (CY) moves will be billed to the Motor Carrier and Carrier Haulage (DOOR) will be billed directly to “K” Line.

In order to use TRAC Intermodal chassis to service “K” Line shipments in Metro NY/NY, a Motor Carrier must:

Be registered as a TRAC Connect™ customer (create account on www.TRACConnect.com).

Accept the terms and conditions of the TRAC Connect Interchange Agreement; an:

Be fully approved by TRAC Intermodal at the time the Motor Carrier out-gates a TRAC Intermodal chassis.