The outsize cargo, carried onboard one of the airline’s AN-124-100 freighters, measured 20 metres in length and more than four metres in height and width. To load the plant, Volga-Dnepr’s experts used a ramp extension so the trailer carrying the gas turbine could be reversed into the freighter aircraft under its own power. This challenging process was managed and closely controlled by the technical crew of the aircraft.

Under the contract, all of the necessary permissions had to be organised to land the ‘Ruslan’ freighter at Khrabrovo Kaliningrad airport. This was the first AN-124-100 flight Volga-Dnepr has operated to Khrabrovo.

The Russian forwarding company Instar Logistics contracted the delivery with Volga-Dnepr on behalf of the JSC Mobile GTES, which is working on the project to modernise Kaliningrad’s energy system. The gas turbine power plant is one of the first being installed in the region and can be used as an auxiliary supply source in emergency situations. The government project was launched after 645,000 residents in 12 districts of Kaliningrad lost their electricity supplies in August.