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CH Powell

​At C.H. Powell Company a “progress together” way of doing business has benefited our existence since 1919. We have prospered by recognizing the importance of each team member and thereby fostered the ultimate goal of commitment to the customer.

We are participants in history - from our shipping and storage of British wool during the World War II Lend-Lease Program to being granted the first freight forwarder cargo booking aboard the NASA Space Shuttle in 1981. Our growth has followed our persistent pursuit of customer support. Our 1970s expansion into the southeast followed the shipping needs of a migrating textile machinery industry. Twenty years of EDI integration to reduce common, document processes with Fortune 500 chemical manufacturers affirms this commitment to the client.

C.H. Powell’s longstanding partnership with Damco Sea & Air provides world-wide, door to door delivery. Best shipment of your cargo to manufacturer or to market with the attendant provision of timely transit facilitating information remains the goal of our “progress together” spirit.