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AJOT.com Material Requirements

AJOT.com Banner Dimensions:

LEADERBOARD Ad size for Leaderboard 728 pixels in width, and 90 pixels high.
728 x 90px

FULL BANNER Ad size for Header Banner must be 468 pixels in width, and must be 60 pixels high. Can also be used for the Newsletter Header.
468px x 60px

MEDIUM RECTANGLE Ad size for Leaderboard must be 300 pixels in width, and must be 250 pixels high.
300px x 250px

NEWSLETTER HEADER Ad size for the Newsletter Header must be 468 pixels in width, and must be 60 pixels high. Same size as the website Header.
468px x 60px

NEWSLETTER RECTANGLE Ad size for Newsletter Rectangle must be 180 pixels in width, and must be 150 pixels high. This is a proportional downsize of the website 300px x 250px ad.
180px x 150px

All web advertising material and questions should be sent to: [email protected]

AJOT.com Banner Specifications:

All website images/logos should be 72DPI, GIF or JPEG file format - RGB color format.

All text information should be in a format for easy editing.

Please ensure all e-mail/web links are in working order.

Maximum file size: 40kb

Max Recommended Frames: 4

Max Recommended Animation Loops: 3

Include with instructions: referring URL and “alt” text

Formats Currently Accepted for AJOT.com: GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, HTML, FLASH (ClickTag needed), Video

Formats Currently Accepted for Email Marketing: JPG, GIF, Animated GIF**

Non-Accepted Formats: Java, Java Applet

AJOT.com Materials Due 2 business days prior to posting, 5 business days for Flash and Video

** Animated GIFs in Microsoft’s Outlook Email program show only the first frame. Consider having the full message on the first frame to cater to this platform, which consists of a large amount of our readers.

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