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Logistics Challenges and Opportunities in a Post Covid-19 Business Environment
This is an Expert Insight that I am submitting on behalf of my client, Mark McCullough, CEO of Gebrüder Weiss USA Over the past year, businesses have had to redefine their supply chain relationships and reassess their operations to remain operational. The pandemic has proved to be a fierce teacher. How can businesses apply these lessons? In order to create greater resilience, logistics players need to re-evaluate supply chains and their management.
U.S. exporters continue to encounter rough sailing in 2021
Paul Snell, CEO British - American Shipping, warned that the recent consolidation of ocean carriers into now 17 carriers into a smaller number of alliances has been accompanied by downsizing and automation in which carriers “mimic each other” in emphasizing imports over exports and with the unintended effect of “devaluing” U.S exporters.
Supply Chains History, Development & Impact of “The Great Reset”
by Prabhat Khare, Director, KK Consultants, BE (Electrical), Gold Medalist, IIT Roorkee - In order to imagine what the Digital Supply Chain of the future will look like we need to consider and articulate what the underlying philosophies, beliefs, and paradigms will be.
Corvus and Toyota embark on delivering fuel cells for maritime industry
Corvus Energy, the Norway and Canada-based marine battery maker, has announced that it will be developing large marine fuel cell power systems in cooperation with Toyota.
After COVID losses, Port of San Francisco’s Forbes hopeful about rebound and state aid
In an interview with AJOT, Elaine Forbes, executive director, Port of San Francisco said the Port could be facing up to an $80 million deficit by the end of 2021.
Mississippi River traffic open but I-40 bridge repairs could cause future disruptions
Mississippi River tug and barge traffic, closed after a crack was found on the Interstate-40 bridge linking Tennessee and Arkansas, opened today, according to Deb Calhoun, senior vice president, Waterways Council Inc.
Port of San Francisco Greets Zero Emission ‘Energy Observer’
Katia Nicolet, chief scientist for the Energy Observer, provided a tour and an overview of the renewable energy powered catamaran that arrived at the Port of San Francisco on May 6th and is on its way to Hawaii and Japan.
Guangzhou (Nansha) port inaugurates sea-rail transport service to Europe
Xinhua is reporting that Guangzhou Port, located in south China's Guangdong Province, on April 29th launched a combined sea-rail transportation service to Europe.
Port of Montreal re-opens after legislation forces striking dockers back to work
Operations began gradually returning to normal Saturday at the Port of Montreal after the Canadian federal government rushed through legislation late Friday forcing some 1,150 striking dockers back to work.
Lock and dam system for Honolulu? Is this just the beginning?
Hawaii Harbors Division urges study of lock and dam system for Honolulu Harbor as sea levels rise. Will others follow?
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