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New ZPMC Cranes Will Augment Port of Oakland’s Big Ship Capability

Three new ship to shore container cranes, built by Shanghai-based ZPMC, will arrive at the Port of Oakland later this year and will enhance the ability of SSA’s Oakland International Container Terminal to handle 19,000 TEU ships and larger.

ZPMC discussed the new cranes and new harbor automation technology at a Propeller Club of Northern California virtual presentation on June 16th.

At the presentation, Port of Oakland executive director Danny Wan welcomed ZPMC: “We are especially excited to welcome ZPMC who will be delivering new cranes to the Port of Oakland later this year. These cranes will be delivered to our partner SSA (Stevedoring Service of America). These will be the tallest cranes in North America and will help the Port of Oakland handle the largest container ships… Back in 1996, the Port of Oakland was the recipient of the first ship to shore cranes delivered in North America. So, thank you ZPMC!”

Savanah O. Kunz, sales & marketing manager, Americas for ZPMC, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, provided details of the deployment and capacity of the new ship to shore (STS) cranes:

“The STS are 300 ft tall and 440 ft tall if the booms are raised. They can reach 225 ft across a ship’s deck thus, having the capability of handling the latest generation of megaships in our industry.

The transportation will be done by our own vessel and they will be shipped partly assembled (I have attached a picture of a different project for your reference), in order to pass under the San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge … ZPMC also provided the steel structure and participated in the project for the Bay bridge.”

Kunz demonstrated an example of ZPMC cranes arriving under a bridge at the Port of Baltimore with very little room to spare:

“Once the cranes arrive, we will offload all 3 STS in about 7 days, following around 4 months to complete all of the assembly, commissioning and putting them into operation, all of this done by our experienced ZPMC North America team.”

Other presentations focused on ZPMC’s development beyond cranes by the Smart Solutions Group that included, harbor automation, software, terminal operating systems and systems integration.

The presenters included the following:

  • Yang Haisheng, general manager of ZPMC Smart Solutions Group with 36 years of crane control and automation experience.
  • Ming Li, president of ZPMC North America, with 19 years working experience at ZPMC.
  • Shan Lei, general manager, R&D Center of ZPMC Smart Solution Group.
  • Lawrence Liang, deputy general manager of Smart Software Company of ZPMC Smart Solutions Group.

Stas Margaronis
Stas Margaronis


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