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Where to get Master’s Degrees in International Trade in 2019/2020

Nov 06, 2019

by Emma Rundle

A Master’s degree in International Trade and Investment Policy provides students with an understanding of how world economies are run and the mechanisms that enable them to work together.

A Master’s degree in International Trades will provide you with the knowledge to examine the flow of goods and services between counties, including the economic, social and political factors that underlie trade.

Most universities are highly competitive with regards to their admittance standards, so it’s advantageous to have graduated with a degree in finance, economics or business in advance. Those courses have the necessary academic preparation for studying for an international trade degree requires.

If you wish to broaden your understanding of international economics and countries’ histories, getting a Master’s in International Trade is a solid option for you. Here are the five best places to get one.

The International University in Geneva

The International University in Geneva offers various graduate and undergraduate programs in Media and Communication, Business Administration and International Relations. This course grants young professionals and diplomats a comprehensive introduction to practical aspects of trade relations, promotion techniques and the role international standards and policies have on international trade.

Its location is considered highly-lucrative by some, as enrollment to the course includes visits to major international trade organizations located in Geneva. In addition to core courses, the program also focuses on international finance, trade policy, commercial law, economic diplomacy, and promotion strategies. It is comprised of 14 courses spread out over a year-long semester.

Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

The Victoria University of Wellington is well-known for being a leading institution in terms of research quality. Being one of the country’s oldest institutions, it is well-connected worldwide and consistently ranked one of the best universities globally.

An international business major offers the students the chance to discover the forces that govern international trade from different perspectives. Understand the legal framework guiding trade, economic rationale and the implications of politics and social involvement.

It covers a wide range of topics - from how bodies like the Australian government, producers, and exports are connected to the rest of the world to the historical effects of indigenous populations. And if you ever get stuck, EduBirdie AU is there to help. The writing service can also help you with quality work in thesis and dissertation writing.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

The degree from WIttenborg University of Applied Sciences is modeled to get the student through professional inquiries, module-based learning and a final project to assess the student’s skills. It offers a combination of subjects covered in both Masters and broader modules borrowed from economics, strategic management, society & culture, and globalization.

All these skills are useful for enabling students to develop a deeper knowledge of international trade, and administration and management work across borders. Students that opt to specialize in Logistics & Trade will explore the relationships between logistics, supply chains, operations management, and international law.

IMF Business School, Madrid

This Master’s in International Trade program is a joint venture undertaken by the IMF Business School and the University of Nebrija. People that want to experience the benefits of internet at college will be willing to take the institution’s optional degree program. Both physical and online degree programs last 60 ECTS.

It provides students with an international environment for training in management, strategic planning and the role of exports and imports in establishing international relations. Other important topics stressed by the curriculum include taxation, international transport, and topics such as commercial strategies - all crucial to international trading practices.

University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, England

The University of East Anglia is a public research university whose international trade law and trading economics graduates are very highly-regarded. Attendees will benefit from the school’s extensive network both inside and out of the legal profession.

It is well-known to partner with local and international law firms to have exclusive placements for UEA students.


A Master’s degree in International Trade will equip you with the necessary skills to understand the forces shaping world economies, not to mention making you an essential asset in any organization you join. To enjoy these benefits, placement at a well-renowned school is crucial. They are better connected, offer quality connection and instantly-recognizable on a CV.

About the author:

Emma Rundle is a career counselor working with students for their overall development that can help them achieve better grades, prepare for entrance exams and secure seats in top colleges and universities. She also works as a freelance academic writer and translator for online writing services. In her free time she plays piano, writes poetry and watches TV.

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