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Ship back up at the ports of LA and Long Beach continues

The back up in ships waiting to berth continues this week (November 25th) at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Fourteen ships are at anchorage waiting to berth where normally there are no ships, according to a Port of Los Angeles spokesman.
Compared with last week, the number of ships has not changed, but this week fewer container ships are at anchor. The spokesman said, “As of 0700 today (November 25th), 14 vessels are at anchor, same as yesterday but with a different mix.” The spokesman gave the following breakdown: • Six container vessels are at anchor waiting to berth, two less than the previous day. The Xin Fei Zhou and NYK Sylvia both went to berth. • 5 bulk carriers, one more ship than yesterday • 2 general cargo ships, one more than yesterday • 1 tanker, same as yesterday The 6 container ships at anchor are: 1. OOCL Italy 2. NYK Thesius 3. OOCL Antwerp 4. APL England 5. Hanjin New York 6. Hanjin Buddah The 5 bulk ships are: 1. New General 2. Star Christianna 3. Marsden Point 4. Genco Warrior 5. Oriental Saga The 2 general cargo ships are: 1. Saga Crest 2, Star Instin The 1 tanker is: Overseas Boston
Stas Margaronis
Stas Margaronis


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