Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “2013 Report on the International Airports Information Systems Market” report to their offering.

The report on AIS deals with the Airport Information Systems (AIS) which mainly focuses on the end to end information exchange processes including the arrival and departure of flights, operational fitness check, cargo operations and aircraft turn around. The study also focuses on Airport Operational Control Centre (AOCC) which acts as the focal point of information exchange. This market is highly growing due to the need for an optimized control center in airports to meet the increase in air traffic ratio. The study is done on a global basis which includes the segmentation of the market based on the passenger traffic in various airports and also according to geography. Key Take-Aways

  • Airport Information Systems is a huge market with high growth potential
  • The market size for AIS is expected to be $421.78 million in 2018
  • There are eight major market players in the world in this market who are mainly located in US and Europe
  • Apart from the major players AIS market is supported by unorganized players who provide ancillary systems to complete the functions of Airport Operations Control Centre
  • The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the period 2013-2018

Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 1.1 Key Take-Aways 1.2 Report Description 1.3 Markets Covered 1.4 Stakeholders 1.5 Research Methodology 2 Executive Summary 3 Market Overview 3.1 Market Definition - Commercial Airports Information Systems Market 3.2 Airport Information Systems 3.3 A-Cdm (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) 3.4 Aocc - Airport Operational Control Centre 3.5 Function Of Aocc 3.6 Structure Of Aocc 3.7 Rules & Standards For Ais 3.8 Market Segmentation By Pax Traffic 3.9 Market Segmentation By Geography 4 Market Dynamics 4.1 Drivers 4.2 Restraints 4.3 Challenges 5 Technology Roadmap 5.1 Integration Of Ais (A-Cdm Approach And Setting Up Of Aocc) 5.2 Decentralization Of Ais 6 Analysis 6.1 Passenger Traffic Statistics 6.2 Market Analysis In Terms Of Revenue 6.3 Market Segmentation In Terms Of Airports (Class A, B, C, D) 6.4 Market Segmentation In Terms Of Geography 6.5 Year On Year Analysis Of Market Size 6.6 New Market Opportunities 7 Scenario Analysis 7.1 Factors Considered For Scenario Analysis 8 Competitive Landscape 8.1 Global Airport Information Systems Market, Region Wise Concentration Of Ais Software Providers, 2012 8.2 Global Airport Information Systems Market, Market Shares Of The Ais Software Providers, 2012 9 Company Profiles

Companies Mentioned:

  • Arinc Incorporated
  • Gentrack Ltd
  • Ibm
  • Ikusi
  • Inform Software Services
  • Neuropie
  • Siemens
  • Ufis Airport Solutions

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