When moving house, a massive concern is always how you’re going to move your things, especially when moving countries. Some people sell all of their things and re-buy items when they’re getting settled, but sometimes, items of furniture are too precious to us and our families to be left behind.

So that is why many people use shipping containers to get their furniture and belongings from A to B. This can be a stressful time, as you have to coordinate your move with shipping and holding times, as well as getting the appropriate container that you need for your move.

It can be worrying that your goods might get damaged, especially if you’re moving somewhere like Europe from the States, and your possessions have a long way to go.

But you shouldn’t need to worry about that thanks to these three stages shipping containers go through to help keep your furniture and possessions safe during your move across the sea.

#1 Insulation to keep your possessions well-preserved in changing climates

Insulation ensures that your possessions are kept at a moderated temperature to stop wood from splitting and other breakages. This can be due to sudden drops or rises in temperatures that might happen during unpredictable journeys at sea. This also helps you keep warm if you’re moving things in and out of the container.

It also helps when moving fabrics, as it stops rotting, especially cotton fabrics, which need air to circulate for it to breathe properly.

Insulation is a key part of furniture moving, which can help preserve your furniture, regardless of materials.

#2 making sure everything is airtight and secure.

Making sure everything is airtight and secure keeps your possessions safe from any moisture from coming and condensing on your furniture. It also makes your shipping container difficult to break into and secure against many kinds of damage, such as being bashed around.

This is done with tools such as metal and plastic welding equipment which help seal your containers to help keep your possessions as safe as possible. Ensuring that your items are in an airtight and secure vicinity is very important for long journeys and can be imperative to keeping your belongings safe from harm.

#3 Rust treatment to stop the metal from becoming brittle

External and internal rust treatment is imperative for the shipping container to work. Not only does it stop the metal from becoming brittle and potentially falling into holes, therefore letting in moisture and rotting your possessions, but it also stops rust staining if any of your materials are against the walls.

This is imperative, as it stops the container from deteriorating on long wet journeys across the sea where weather is unpredictable, and it protects against spray. Having a shipping container without rust protection is the equivalent of just strapping your furniture to the boat without any protection from the elements.