Shipping your car across the country, or even across the world, isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. Instead, it’s a journey that requires attention to your personal needs, your unique car, and your location. That’s why choosing the best car transport carrier is important. Below are the six main types of vehicle transport services to help you decide which one is ideal for your situation.

1. Car Haul

With a car haul service, your vehicle is essentially put up on the elevated platform of a car carrier trailer, usually accompanied by other vehicles. The trailer will then drive the vehicle to a destination location, from which you can easily pick your vehicle up.

A car haul is an excellent choice for long, cross-country shipping. It’s a very safe and popular method used by many car-owners to ensure their vehicle makes it to the destination safely.

2. Personal Vehicle Shipping

Personal auto shipping is a very similar service to a car haul, except it’s aimed at transporting individual cars. You can opt for this if you don’t want your car to share the ride with others (even though there’s no danger in that), or if you have a more unique model which may not fit on a car haul.

Basically, it operates the same way, by driving the car up on an elevated platform, then having the carrier drive to your destination. Personal vehicle shipping is great because it allows for door-to-door delivery, so you can get your car delivered right in front of your workplace or residence.

3. Expedited

Expedited car haul is basically the same thing as the first method, only faster. Naturally, expedited shipping is a tad more costly, but well worth it if you need your vehicle to arrive fast at the destination. 

You can also purchase expedited personal vehicle shipping, in most cases. Contact your preferred vehicle transport company to learn more.

4. Drive Away

As the name suggests, the drive away service lets you hire a professional and seasoned driver to drive your vehicle from one place to another for you. One downside of this is that it will increase your mileage, but other than that, it’s another excellent option for transport. 

Since there’s someone driving your car, that makes it a bit safer, as the experienced driver will be able to think fast and problem-solve while at the wheel. And of course, this means you can have your car delivered anywhere you wish.

5. Enclosed Critical

An enclosed critical vehicle transportation service is like a car haul or a personal vehicle shipping service. The only catch is that instead of having your car travel in open air, it will be enclosed in a secure box that will keep it safe from the elements, dust, dirt and insects. 

Enclosed transportation is a great option if you are looking to ship a classic car — or, for a sports car owner.

6. Home Delivery

Also referred to as “Last Mile Delivery,” this home delivery service is a nice final touch to the other shipping services listed above. This means that no matter how the vehicle reaches the destination city, an experienced driver will take it and drive the last bit of the journey.

The major benefit here is that you don’t have to go pick it up. It’s very useful if you have a busy working schedule. 

Take Away on Vehicle Transport Services

Understanding each type of service and the differences between them will help you find the best one for you. It can also help make your future shipping activities easier as you will have a firm grasp on what is available.