Managing a warehouse isn’t easy. It requires excellent organizational and communication skills, and being a good project manager is essential if you want to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Not only do you need to manage the labor, the freight, and the inventory, but you have to plan certain projects that are coming through, such as major orders.

Here are 6 ways to improve your warehouse’s efficiency.

Photo by Ramon Cordeiro on Unsplash
Photo by Ramon Cordeiro on Unsplash

Control inbound and outbound freight

You will want to get a better hand on bidding, and employing a consultant to complete this task will not only be cost-effective but will also help to run your warehouse more smoothly. Experienced consultants can help identify areas that allow for negotiation.

Simplify processes

Not all processes need to be lengthy and time-consuming, and with the rise of technology, there are many manual tasks that have been made null and void. Overview your warehouse and see if implementing project management tools can help streamline your processes. Such project management tools can make communication much easier and reduce the number of steps needed to complete a task.

Bring in incentive pay

While this may seem counter-intuitive, paying for an increase in productivity can actually be cost-effective. How does this work, and how do you stop paying for productivity you are already getting? Find a way to measure productivity, and by doing this, you can include a threshold that needs to be exceeded if your employees are to get a bonus.

Ask for employee feedback

You never know, your employees may have ideas on how to improve your warehouse’s processes. After all, they work the job day in and day out and have the best insight into what is working and what does not. Speak with them one-on-one and ask for honest feedback on how they can help.

Provide management training

Managers need to be trained for the job in question as each job is different, so if you have managers who haven’t worked in the same environment or industry your business is in, offer them training. By doing this, you are rounding off the skills they already possess and ensuring they work for your business. What’s more, providing management training will increase employee morale, as training shows that you are interested in building on their skills and investing in their future.

Improve the supply chain

Your warehouse will most likely be getting deliveries, or you will be exporting them to another business and making the deliveries. Either way, the supply chain needs to be as effective as possible. Do this by investing in an SAP portal, as this can help you place orders with your suppliers and ensure that no deliveries are missed or delayed. If there is a delay, then you can prepare for such an issue. An SAP portal means you can place orders, have them ordered automatically, and streamline payments, so one is not accidentally missed.

There are always ways to improve your warehouse’s efficiency; all you have to do is keep an eye on the release of new technology that should be viewed as an investment piece. Automating tasks rather than having them completed manually can make vast improvements, for example, and the simplest of changes can make your warehouse much more resourceful.