7P has launched their Pandemic Monitoring Assistance Program with an initiative offering donated services to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

The company and Board of Directors have committed to finding ways to give back during our nation’s health crisis. In doing so, Jeff Clark and 7P are identifying hospitals, health institutions and key centers that can benefit from the company’s Pandemic Temperature Monitoring and Access Control Platform powered by ISB Global.

7P has always provided new technology to meet the needs of specific industries – including health and pharma.

“We are firm believers that actions speak louder than words”. Said Jeff Clark, Founder and CEO of 7P Solutions. “Our team is ready and able to help key states in monitoring workers, volunteers and the general public. We all have a duty to help our nation during these unprecedented times”.

“Essential services which are in high demand during this time (food services, grocery delivery, and medical care) require the ability to screen individuals who are visiting physical sites”. Said “Sarah Baldeo | Vice President of Screening, Digital Identity & Logistics Riskl at ISB Global. “With the threat of not only cross-contamination and exposure access control and monitoring the health of workers has become essential to corporate governance and protection”.

7P’s platform is an ideal mobile tool to help monitor health and other data points in key locations where help is needed. Our team has activated resources to identify partners who can benefit from the technology.