AECOM, the world's premier infrastructure firm, announces Utah State University was awarded a 5-year, $26-million grant, renewable to 10 years and $50.6 million, from the National Science Foundation to establish an international research center dedicated to advancing sustainable, electrified transportation. ASPIRE — Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification — will focus on developing new infrastructure that facilitates widespread adoption of electric vehicles. 

As a global industry partner, AECOM is aligned to the mission and vision of the ASPIRE Engineering Research Center — to improve health and quality of life by catalyzing sustainable and equitable electrification across the transportation industry. "We congratulate the team at ASPIRE on this significant grant," says AECOM's Denise Casalino, Executive Vice President and National Cities Manager. "We are at a critical time and this funding signifies the commitment required to revolutionize the utility and transportation industries." 

Charging technology is a crucial component of the infrastructure needed to advance vehicle electrification. Our technical experts have partnered with Utah State University to advance research in electric vehicle technology, including conducting studies across the U.S., that investigate how wireless dynamic power transfer technology could be used in real world application. In Southern California, AECOM and ASPIRE partners, Utah State University, Purdue University and Colorado State University jointly studied four major corridors for anticipated demand, implementation strategy, and business case of dynamic wireless charging with additional research in Illinois and Colorado. 

"This grant is the catalyst to launch us to the next stage, and we are excited for our continued partnership with AECOM as we pursue together major new opportunities as part of the ASPIRE vision," says Regan Zane, ASPIRE Center Director. 

AECOM participates alongside industry experts and members of the center to promote thought leadership and technical papers that explore the use of dynamic wireless charging technology for many of our clients, including transit agencies, fleet owners, and logistics companies. "We are pleased to offer our continued support to the center as it studies electric vehicle technologies," says Andrew Bui, AECOM's Vice President, National Transportation Electrification Lead for the Americas. "We look forward to future collaborations as we pursue technologies for our clients and for the industry that will transform the future of transportation."