Same-day shipments up to 100 lbs. per piece in US & San Juan, Puerto Rico

American Airlines Cargo Division (AA Cargo) announced that it has increased the per-piece weight limit on its Priority Parcel Service SM (PPS) product from 70 to 100 pounds for shipments within the US and to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For over 30 years, Priority Parcel Service has been available through Americans ticket counters, cargo terminals and dedicated PPS facilities. The product requires no advance booking, providing same day Next Flight Out ’ service to professional shippers and couriers. Consumers may also use the product for shipping small items less than 16 ounces and pets up to 100 pounds per kennel.

‘The new increased weight limit on our Priority Parcel Service is designed to provide US shippers with greater options for their heavier time-sensitive packages,’ said Bob Dibble, manager of AA Cargo products. ‘For more than three decades, shippers have relied on American’s Priority Parcel Service for same day service across the US and many parts of the world.’