ABF Freightsm is now offering customers the option of receiving a one-hour advance text or phone call notice of imminent shipment delivery.

“Providing an option to receive an automated text or phone call notice about one-hour-before delivery is another way ABF Freight has improved our customer’s experience while further enhancing shipment visibility at a critical point in the supply chain,” said Erica Brigance, ABF Freight office systems manager. “Following a simple one-time activation process, our innovative system will automatically generate the preferred notice when the customer’s shipments are about one hour away from delivery.”

ABF Freight is frequently recognized as an innovator in technological applications that yield competitive advantages for customers. InformationWeek, CIO, InfoWorld, and BtoB magazines have all cited ABF Freight’s strategic use of information technology as exemplary, and this latest innovation is yet another example of how the company uses technology to create value for its customers.

“Customers today face increasingly tight schedules, and proactive notification of a pending delivery helps them better manage their time and resources,” said Vice President of Administration and Treasurer, Barry Hunter. “ABF Freight strives to provide customers the tools they need to operate more efficiently and to more easily manage their businesses.”