Specialist in Logistics connects Madrid to the Cargo-Hub Frankfurt/Main

The German specialist for airfreight consolidation AFC (Air Freight Consolidator), located in Munich, connects in cooperation with the Swedish airline Nord-Flyg Madrid to the logistics network. AFC is specialized in connecting the main cargo centers in Germany and Benelux with different destinations in Europe. On February 27th, AFC and Nord-Flyg signed a one-year-contract to fix this extensive logistic cooperation. The flight route will be run with the Dash8- Q400, which will connect Maastricht (MST) and Weeze (NRN) via the Baden-Airpark (FKB) in Southern Germany with Madrid-Barajas (MAD). The connection starts on April 6th.

The Bombardier Dash 8-Q400F is world’s first cargo-version of the short- and middle range airplane. All requirements of AFC were met; most important fact is the highly reliable dispatch. The high flight speed is another feature of the Turboprop-airplane, whereas the environmental impact is very low. The freight compartment collects 80 m’, up to 9 tons of freight can be loaded.

“This contract is highly important for us, as customer satisfaction is our main aim in business. This connection is a fundamental addition to the European logistics network to Spain and vice versa”, explains the Managing Director of AFC, Ernst Gschnitzer. “Particularly in hard economic time periods perfect logistics are important for any success of our customers - most essential is high quality service combined with reasonable prices”, says logistics expert Gschnitzer. Deciding for the implementation of this project together with Nord-Flyg was the flexibility and assistance of the airline and the involved airports.

This flight network enables customers of AFC to handover the cargo late in the evening; the Spanish logistics partner will distribute until 8:00 AM in the following morning throughout the Iberian Peninsula. This connection is the first project, later on a Europe-wide network will follow. This enables AFC to access all end customers in any European country within a few hours.

Nord-Flyg was established in 1952 as passenger- and cargo-airline; since 1997 the main focus switched to the cargo business. From January 2009 the airline is enlarging its fleet with the ultra modern high speed Dash8-Q400F turboprop aircraft by manufacturer Bombardier. Nord-Flyg is planning to bring further Q400F into service during 2009/2010. Also Air Freight Consolidator (AFC) has signed a letter of intent for one of these aircrafts.

AFC (Air Freight Consolidator) connects Europe to a powerful and efficient logistic network. Fast freight dispatch, quick, reliable and cost efficient service and a customer specific network of destinations define the solution package of AFC. In cooperation with the Swedish airline Nord-Flyg AFC offers an overnight service connecting the airports Weeze (NRN) in Germany, Maastricht (MST) in The Netherlands and German Baden-Airpark (FKB) with the Spanish airport Madrid-Barajas (MAD). In use on this route is the model Bombardier Dash8-Q400F, specially designed as freight transporter to meet the specifications of AFC and Nord-Flyg. The logistic network will grow further and will cover Europe soon.