AIG Global Investment Group (AIGGIG) and Christopher Redlich, Jr. announced that Highstar Harbor Holdings III, Inc., a subsidiary of AIG Highstar Capital (Highstar), entered into a definitive agreement with Redlich to purchase 100% of MTC Holdings (MTCH). Terms were not disclosed.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, MTCH is one of the largest independent terminal operators in the US with extensive operations on the West Coast and growing operations on the East Coast and US Gulf Coast. MTCH provides a full suite of stevedoring and other terminal operating and logistics services with operations at 32 terminals at key strategic ports, including Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, Tacoma, Baltimore and Savannah. MTCH CEO Doug Tilden and the existing MTCH management team will continue to manage the business following its acquisition by Highstar.

‘Thanks to the stewardship of Chris Redlich’s family, MTCH has grown to be a preeminent terminal operator and stevedore in the US, with significant growth potential in both the US and Mexico,’ said Christopher Lee, an AIGGIG managing director and the managing partner of Highstar. ‘MTCH also has a first-rate management team, led by CEO Doug Tilden. We are pleased to have the opportunity to add MTCH to our diversified portfolio of North American port operators.”

MTCH has been a leader in developing and deploying Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and the process disciplines that support them. MTC’s M21 TOS is an industry leader in maximizing the utilization of scarce terminal resources and improving terminal processes to allow the rapid flow of containers and vessels at US Ports. M21’s customer friendly and interactive service tools allow the cargo users of terminals to be notified of all changes in cargo status automatically and to plan and interact with the terminal electronically.

‘With most ports in the US constrained by surrounding development, the ability to move more cargo through existing terminal footprints is key to the continued growth of our economy. The Highstar team is committed to giving our port operators the capital resources necessary to allow them to continue to improve these strategic businesses,’ said Lee.

MTCH has also been at the forefront of embracing new technologies that reduce the environmental impacts of marine terminals. The company was the first to participate in the testing of alternative fuel equipment through the California Carl Moyer program, and , together with its joint-venture partners, is now the largest operator of alternative fuel equipment in the US maritime industry. The company is also committed to using the best available pollution reduction technologies wherever possible.

MTC, the operating arm of MTCH, has adopted a strategy of concentrating on its core competencies of ‘people, process and technology’ in providing service to its customers. These powerful tools, when combined with its long-term customer relationships have allowed MTCH to grow in this dynamic industry.

‘MTC has strived to be a leader in providing the best in customer service and efficiency to our shipping line and land-side transportation customers,’ said Doug Tilden, president and CEO of MTCH. ‘Our strong relationship with our labor union partners and our focus on ‘people, process and technology’ have enabled us to operate some of the most efficient marine terminals in the US Having Highstar as an investor in our business will give us the ability to continue to provide that level of service.’

Larger ships and the need for dredging deeper channels and building new roads and bridges to move increasing amounts of cargo is straining the budgets of many port authorities. Private terminal operators are feeling similar pressure as the costs of new cranes and logistics systems can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. As a result, terminal operations are increasingly dominated by subsidiaries of major shipping lines and large, foreign-owned operators.

‘This business was founded by my grandfather in 1932,’ said Christopher Redlich, ch