The recent termination of operations of OAG Cargo’s AFRA, an online rate distribution and management application for air carriers and freight forwarders, is creating a gap in the marketplace and providing further motivation for Amerijet to accelerate the implementation of CargoSphere for rate management and rate distribution.

Near-term, the Amerijet-CargoSphere business partnership will include global freight rate distribution to Amerijet’s network of affiliate businesses, agent partners, and freight forwarder (FF) customers across the CargoSphere Rate Mesh. Subsequent phases will include freight rate quoting and responding to RFQs (requests for quotes); and management of FF customer rate contracts all on the CargoSphere standardized platform.

“The more I evaluated the CargoSphere Cloud-based system from a business and IT perspective, the more I believed this was the ideal plug-in for our core operational systems. I look forward to working with CargoSphere to achieve this integration which will allow us to allocate more time to our core business functions,” said Jennifer S. Torlone, Senior Director, Technology and Information Services.

Derry S. Huff, Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives, Amerijet International, commented, “We want control over the rates presented to our customers and historically accurate visibility to those rates for better management of pricing and more accurate invoicing. Third-party resources in the marketplace that repackage rates operate outside our sphere of control and often create confusion for our customers and inefficiencies for our company. With CargoSphere there will be one source for accurate pricing which will allow us to retain control over all rate distribution.”

“We are pleased to expand our business partnership with Amerijet and work with their progressive management team in new, strategic ways. Their single source vision for their freight rate management and network connections will reap important data accuracy improvements, speed and accuracy of quoting, and generate innovative solutions that will boost customer engagement and satisfaction,” remarked Neil Barni, President, CargoSphere.