Probably the last thing people would ever think of when it comes to the color pink is a barge Pink Floyd, Pink Panther, etc., yes but a pink barge ?? Wanting to raise cancer awareness within the barge industry Ceres Barge Line constructed a hot pink barge.

The barge , BIG HOPE 1 , was launched at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Ceres chose Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas , TX to be the recipient of any donations stemming from BIG HOPE 1.

Albacor Shipping, a BNSF Logistics / Berkshire Hathaway company, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for the USA, was not only a sponsor but the Albacor Banning, CA office transported a 526000 Lbs. / 35’ x 12’8 x 16’ transformer from New Orleans to Mt. Vernon with BIG HOPE 1

At Mt Vernon the transformer was trans-loaded to a 12 axle FD 36’ deck railcar and transported to its final destination in Lewis Center, Ohio.