One of Traxon’s long standing and most important clients, Panalpina, is extending its agreement to include all branches in the US as well new branches in Scandinavia and Canada. The leading forwarding group is one of Traxon’s gateway customers with worldwide connections to the Traxon platform. By October 2006, 42 additional branches will be benefit from Traxon services. It brings to a total of 259 offices in 52 countries which communicate via Traxon with a selection of major carriers.

Panalpina uses the Traxon platform for services such as e-Air Waybills, e-Status Updates and e-Consolidation lists. The other useful message is the acknowledgement of the receipt of e-Air Waybills and e-Consolidation List as not all airlines are providing it yet. Traxon is offering this new function free of charge to answer the requests of its customers.

Peter Baumgarten, VP airfreight Project and Quality Management at Panalpina, comments. ‘We have been co-operating with Traxon for many years. We have always been satisfied with this co-operation and we are happy to allow more of our branches, especially in the US, to access all selected major airlines. We also appreciated the quick and positive response of Traxon when we requested the sending of acknowledgement messages. Traxon has always been very supportive in the improvement of the message quality especially in terms of FWB (Air Waybill) and FHL (for Customs purposes).’

‘We started to connect Panalpina, country by country, many years ago.’ explains Guy Deschamps, Traxon’s General Manager Sales and Key Accounts. ‘When Security requirements came to include advanced reporting, FFI and Panalpina were very pro-active. Together and in co-ordination with IATA/FIATA, we were able to help the industry implement these new requirements rapidly and fairly smoothly, starting with US Customs. We are always delighted to open new branches and offer new services to our customers, especially for respected and important freight forwarders such as Panalpina’.

Traxon, based in Frankfurt has representatives and partners in key markets worldwide. The company works closely with its clients and international authorities to introduce new and more efficient ways of automating air cargo business. After 15 years of successful operations, Traxon currently works with 90 airlines which collectively handle 95% of all IATA registered traffic, as well as 9000 forwarders’ offices worldwide.