AmeraMex International, Inc., a provider of heavy equipment for logistics companies (stevedoring), infrastructure construction, commercial farming and mining companies, is providing an update to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Niger’s Ministry of Transportation and the Company.

Management spent five days in China with three representatives from Niger’s Ministry of Transportation and management of a Chinese vehicle manufacturer reviewing truck models and specifications as outlined in AmeraMex’s proposal to Niger for approximately 3,000 trucks. The order is valued at approximately $300 million over a thirty-six month period.

AmeraMex CEO Lee Hamre commented, “The due diligence was completed as outlined under the MOA and the trip was a great success. The next step will be our drafting of the agreement (contract). Once completed, the agreement will be presented to the Minister of Transportation and Prime Minster of Niger for signature. Once signed, the agreement will be provided to the lender for final approval. We will keep our shareholders apprised of the progress.”