AmeraMex International, Inc., a provider of heavy equipment to shipping, construction, logging and mining companies, announced that it is beginning to ship refurbished equipment to heavy equipment distributors located in Saudi Arabia. The initial shipment is for approximately $65,000. Saudi Arabia is a free trade zone (FTZ), which allows the equipment to enter the country tariff free. Equipment distributors located in FTZs have a considerable price advantage when marketing equipment to developing countries.

“Our work with international heavy equipment distributors provides AmeraMex with distribution channels for resale of pre-owned equipment into markets with far less competition,” said Lee Hamre, AmeraMex CEO and president. “In addition to Saudi Arabia, we are working with companies in Dubai, Nigeria and Egypt to form centralized locations within the countries for distribution into developing nations. This allows us to acquire pre-owned equipment from our customers to make way for new equipment that meets EPA emission control regulations.

“Over the next few months we will be contacting heavy equipment distributors in several countries, including Vietnam and Singapore, in an attempt to further expand our presence in Indonesia,” added Hamre.