Freight management system to provide greater visibility of rail shipments and inventory in the pipeline

American Gypsum, the nation’s 5th largest producer of gypsum wallboard and a subsidiary of the Eagle Materials Corporation, has implemented RMI’s ShipperConnect’ Freight Management Services (FMS) to pro-actively monitor rail shipments to reduce transit times, improve transit reliability, and to increase overall fleet utilization.

“We have been extremely pleased with the results we have already seen since we implemented the FMS service,” said Wayne Johnson, Director of Logistics for American Gypsum. “Because the FMS service provides us with proactive information about our shipments, we are better able to coordinate our transportation and production schedules. We anticipate that because of the increased predictability of rail transit times, and decreased average cycle times, we will be able to ship more product by rail which provides operational and financial benefits.”

Prior to implementing the ShipperConnect FMS services, American Gypsum relied on a system that was not accessible through the Internet, provided limited reporting capability, and relied on outdated car movement data. FMS is updated multiple times each hour with the most current car movement data available from more than 300 railroads in North America.

“American Gypsum is a rapidly growing company, and we look forward to working closely with them to realize the full benefits of our services,” said Paul Pascutti, Vice President, Marketing for RMI. “We plan to fully integrate the data from American Gypsum’s Order Entry System with FMS later this year to provide them with even greater inventory control.”