Antonov Airlines working with Elite Aviation has successfully completed AN-124-100 flight to transport a tail shaft packed in a cradle from Sharjah, UAE to Billund, Denmark for repairs and then safely carried it back.

The delivered cargo weighed about 82 tons. The project become one of the most challenging transportation this year.

“It was a real challenge for Consignee and ANTONOV as well as for airport`s services team,” said Andriy Nazarenko, Flight Manager, Antonov Airlines, “Loading of cargo required operation on the maximum allowed crane boom lifting height”.

“Extremely hot season and 90 tons payload required departure at the lowest possible temperature in the night,” added Dmytro Prosvirin, Head of Commercial Bereau, Antonov Airlines, ”Despite on all the challenges, the shaft was successfully delivered to Billund for repairs and after repairs it was successfully transported back to Sharjah, UAE.

“It was a challenging project and especially at Sharjah airport loading/offloading operations need to be finished during daylight as night operation was not allowed. So, all teams (crew and handler) involved needed to make sure that no mistakes happens to make it smooth and successful,” says Eric Philip from Elite Aviation who was on ground supervising the operations.

ANTONOV’s air fleet continues to fly worldwide. The services responsible for planning the transportation and maintenance of aircraft have been temporarily relocated to Leipzig, Germany, that allows ANTONOV to ensure the further safe operation of five AN-124-100(150) airplanes.