For the first time in nearly ten years, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is proposing changes to Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (AQI) fees for imports. APHIS proposes to amend its general fee rates, as well as the rates charged by APHIS and CBP officers for overtime. The overtime rates would be raised accordingly with the anticipated cost of providing AQI services through 2018. These rates are applicable to APHIS or CBP staff performing inspections, laboratory inspections, certifications, or quarantine services. Additionally, it removes annual caps on fees for vessels and railcars. APHIS says the fee increases are necessary to cover AQI costs, which have primarily been incurred by CBP. To cover the costs of AQI services, APHIS has proposed the following changes.

AQI Service & Proposed Fees

Commercial aircraft: $225 proposed fee (current fee of $70.75)

Commercial maritime cargo vessel: $825 proposed fee (current fee of $496)

Commercial truck: $8 proposed fee (current fee of $5.25)

Commercial truck transponder: $320 proposed fee (current fee of $105)

Commercial cargo railcar: $2 proposed fee (current fee of $7.75)

APHIS also proposes to add a $375 fee for treatment conducted under the AQI program, including those conducted by private companies.