Addressing the Terminal Operators Conference Europe 2008 in Amsterdam, APM Terminals’ COO Peder Sondergaard challenged terminal operators, equipment manufacturers and government officials to answer the needs of capacity, safety, security and environmental awareness aggressively and proactively; calls for diligence and common sense.

Warning that “the clock is running” APM Terminals’ Chief Operating Officer Peder Sondergaard listed the areas of concern for terminal operators as they confront the significant emerging concerns of the container transportation industry as volumes and vessels continue to expand on a yearly basis, while terminal development projects required to accommodate this growth are measured in decades from initial planning to opening for operations, asserting: “We must find ways to improve capacity in existing terminals and at the same time make these terminals safer, more secure and environmentally friendly.”

Citing examples of recent innovations and technological advances implemented at facilities in the APM Terminals Global Terminal Network, Sondergaard pointed out that the increased container throughput volumes projected over the next 10 years will bring with them bigger challenges and the need for greater security enforcement, environmental mitigation and emission reduction. To container handling equipment manufacturers and other vendors, Sondergaard asked for the: “…development of further technology aimed at maximizing capacity utilization, and to focus the design on safety and reducing energy consumption and emissions”, adding for emphasis, “Increasingly, our buying decisions will be based on these factors”.

With revenue of USD 2.5 billion in 2007, and investment of over USD 850 million in terminals and terminal equipment, APM Terminals has already seen revenue increase by 27% for the 1st Quarter of 2008 in comparison with the same period last year, which saw an overall container throughput measured by equity share of 31.4 million teus worldwide.

Speaking of the industry in general, Sondergaard added, “We are in an exciting era of economic expansion and unprecedented world commerce, in which we all play a central role. People depend upon us to keep the global logistics chain growing and in good order. They depend upon us for innovation and advancement in processes and technology.”