The focus on serving a wide customer base with a global network of container terminals creates a sound foundation for further growth.

The Hague, The Netherlands‐ APM Terminals, one of the leading global developers ‐ and operators of container terminals, recorded another year of strong revenue and volume growth in 2007 and a net result of USD 111 million. Revenue increased by 22% for the year to USD 2.52 billion, whereas profits from terminals that have been operating more than a year, grew by 30 pct.

APM Terminals provides container terminal solutions, meeting the requirements of the world’s most discerning shipping lines, through a professional‐ and customer focused organization and an expanding global network of container terminals. APM Terminals has a large presence in the important US market, where volumes dropped by 9% in 2007. Volumes increased by 20% in the rest of the portfolio, leading to a 13% volume growth for APM Terminals globally. Weighted by ownership share, 31.4 million TEU were handled in 2007.

34% of the volumes were handled for other customers than Maersk Line ‐ a higher ratio than in previous years. “We are currently providing service to over 60 shipping lines around the world”, commented APM Terminals’ CEO Kim Fejfer, “and whereas the commercial relationship with Maersk Line remains very strong, we are furthering our relationship with other major shipping lines as well to ensure we serve their needs best possible now and in the future”.

The ports industry is faced with current ‐ and emerging bottlenecks in several parts of the world. APM Terminals works in partnership with relevant authorities and our main customers to alleviate these constraints by expanding existing facilities and developing new container terminals. USD 853 million was invested during 2007, with new container terminals opening in Tangier (Morocco), Portsmouth (Virginia ‐ US), Le Havre (France), Tianjin and Xiamen (China). In addition, APM Terminals took over the operation of the container terminals in Tema (Ghana) and Luanda (Angola). The Portsmouth terminal in Virginia represents a USD 500 million investment in a state‐of‐the‐art facility with a high degree of automation and environmental protection. Several terminal projects are under various stages of development, to ensure APM Terminals will be able to meet the growing demands and support further growth in world trade.