​Although there has been much concern regarding the turmoil in Egypt, the number of monthly transits going through the canal has remained remarkably stable. July 2013 saw the highest number of transits for the past year.

IHS Maritime data shows that during key points in 2013, such as in January when 50 people were killed in violent street protests, in July when the military removed President Morsi, and in August when hundreds were killed when the army crushed pro-Morsi protestors, transits were never directly affected.

5,000 Container Ships so Far

IHS Maritime analysis shows that the highest number of transits was made by container ships, with some 5,000 vessels and more than 39m TEUs transiting in 2013 up to August. So far this year, 906 crude oil tankers also passed through the canal, with a total capacity of 150m m3 of crude oil. COSCO alone had 779 transits since 2012, with 500 being container ships with a total capacity of nearly 5m TEU.