Jetstream to export four million pounds of cherries, relying on ARGO Tracker system to help ensure timely delivery of produce in good condition

ARGO Tracker Corp. announced that its real-time asset tracking system is helping to ensure the timely and quality delivery of roughly four million pounds of cherries this season for Jetstream Freight Forwarding, Inc., a company specializing in the time-sensitive shipping logistics associated with perishable cargo.

Cherries are ready to pick and ship in the first week of June. ‘Because the cherry season is so short, if one load is damaged it takes a year for the grower to make up the cost,’ noted Bryan Jennings, president of the Washington state-based Jetstream. Although Jetstream uses a dependable network of refrigerated truck services and optimal airline connections to guarantee the product arrives at its destination as fresh as possible, every moment from supplier to market has the potential for disaster.

The ARGO Tracker system helps mitigate the chance of spoilage or other freight loss by deploying in-field data collection units that are tracked by Web-based applications, continuously monitoring the location, status, and environmental condition of shipments via GPS and wireless technology. ARGO Tracker’s system can alert Jetstream if, for example, a refrigeration unit fails or if a truck needs to be re-routed to meet a close flight time.

Jetstream has mounted ARGO Tracker devices in the trucks’ refrigerated trailer, thereby allowing multiple shippers to take it along with the shipment. ‘The system brings us more insight into the location of the trucks and condition of goods as they are underway,’ stated Jennings. ‘It gives us a competitive edge, and it’s a good value. After seeing the ARGO Tracker system in use one season, everyone will want it.’

‘The timely delivery of perishable goods in excellent condition is essential to the livelihoods of not only shippers, but also to the growers that depend on them,’ said Mike Hammons, chief executive officer of ARGO Tracker. ‘The sensitivity and reliability of the ARGO Tracker system, along with the ability to customize conditions for alerts, makes it ideal for the perishable goods industry.’

ARGO Tracker’s system provides an unprecedented level of supply chain visibility, accountability and security whether goods are transported by ground, air, or sea. It is highly customizable and designed to combat the annual loss of billions of dollars in the supply chain due to spoilage, theft, vandalism, and breakage.