CarrierGo Live also connects shippers with VIP terminal services, making ocean port terminals more efficient with easy cargo efficiency and expediting services.

Blume Global, a leading provider of supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions, has announced CarrierGo Live, a web-based solution that provides shippers, motor carriers and port terminal operators with the tools to alleviate unprecedented supply chain congestion. From now until January 1, shippers can use the service to book drayage capacity free of charge.    

CarrierGo Live provides shippers with real-time access to drayage capacity while also connecting shippers and motor carriers with hard-to-find chassis. At marine terminals, CarrierGo Live can improve port efficiency by allowing customers to expedite containers. Shippers use the solution as a unique drayage marketplace populated with carriers on the expansive Blume Global Network. These customers benefit from real-time access to drayage capacity on the spot market. 

Carriers that join the Blume Global Network use CarrierGo Live to generate new business opportunities. Shippers and carriers can also use the solution to uncover chassis capacity from DCLI as well as from trucking companies offering chassis for rent. 

“Blume Global technology already predicts and tracks chassis usage around the country, and CarrierGo Live allows dray carriers to tap into this wealth of data and expertise, booking hard-to-find truck and chassis capacity with the click of a button,” said DCLI CEO Bill Shea. “This solution addresses one of the main pain points in today’s supply chain, and DCLI is proud to partner with Blume on this initiative.” 

Finally, CarrierGo Live helps customers precisely tailor the delivery of their cargo. The solution makes container pickup at port terminals like the Fenix Marine Services terminal at the Port of Los Angeles more efficient for drayage carriers, enabling shippers to prioritize and expedite container retrieval when needed.  

“Fenix Marine Services is investing heavily in terminal development and advanced technologies, including an artificial intelligence (machine learning and advanced forecasting) engine, to meet the emerging digitization needs of our customers and the increased throughput volumes forecasted at the nation’s largest gateway,” said Sean Pierce, president and CEO of FMS. “Together, we will leverage Blume Global’s industry-leading technology and FMS’s terminal know-how and customer relationships in order to deliver the next generation of innovative expedited terminal service capabilities that we believe will set a new standard across the industry.” 

It is essential to quickly uncover drayage carrier capacity, find chassis and coordinate terminal appointments in order to optimize the flow of containers from crowded domestic ports. Logistics stakeholders use CarrierGo Live to work together toward a common goal: the efficient movement of freight.  

“The port congestion issues we’ve been experiencing didn’t just materialize, and we believe there should be a holistic approach that encompasses shippers, dray carriers and marine terminals to unknot the supply chain,” according to Pervinder Johar, Blume Global’s CEO. “There are deep-seated inefficiencies in the global supply chain that digitization can help solve, but only with the concerted efforts of all parties. Blume’s CarrierGo Live works to reduce congestion and improve the flow of freight around the world.”