BookYourCargo (BYC) today launched the Digital Drayage Platform to strengthen visibility and instant quote capability for shippers and carriers hampered by the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on the drayage industry. Specifically, the platform addresses the issues caused by capacity shortages* and container backlogs that are constraining the drayage process at ports all over the United States.

" High demand and tight driver capacity remain the theme in the drayage market. Import projections for 2021 continue to increase," XPO Logistics Intermodal Market Update, April 2021.

BYC’s cloud-based, tech-enabled drayage platform is designed to provide instant quotes and full shipment visibility to shippers, freight forwarders and ocean carriers. The Digital Drayage Platform facilitates rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility—creating customer value and tailor-made supply chain control.

“BYC’s mission is to revolutionize drayage, and there has never been a more important time to find efficiencies than right now in 2021, with the surge of imports, shrinking capacity and lack of drivers creating drayage issues all over the world,” said Nimesh Modi, Chief Executive Officer, BYC. “In response to this volatile market, we’ve launched the Digital Drayage Platform, creating tailor-made supply chain control for rate management, operational optimization, service integration, and order visibility.”

“BYC customers have complete control over their cargo movements and can easily track location, in real time. That kind of visibility and control has never been more important for drayage carriers in this current environment,” continued Modi.

BYC was founded in 2015 to streamline the drayage process through technology-based solutions tailored to the specific and constantly changing issues of the drayage industry. BYC immediately started delivering value for Fortune 500 companies including Burlington Stores, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree Stores. BYC works with more than 1,700 carriers and operates more than 25,000 drayage moves yearly.

“BYC has been invaluable to our drayage process in the last 12 months,” said Puneet Jain, Director, Import Operations at Dollar Tree Stores. “With rates escalating and capacity shrinking, BYC has helped us keep our drayage costs predicable and under control.”

BYC’s cloud-based Digital Drayage Platform is architected on the latest tech stack featuring AI robotics and machine learning engines. The platform provides seamless integration of API/EDIs with existing third party software platforms, ensuring a smooth transition of information. The platform can also be accessed by mobile devices through an app, where both customers and vendors can easily search and compare rates by location, move type and driver availability, and book loads directly. Upon booking, users are given a request number that can be used to view shipment details and track order status in real-time. The app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.