cargo-partner places a strategic focus on industry solutions for foodstuffs and perishables. The logistics provider has recently expanded its service portfolio with new warehousing, last-mile and value added services to accommodate the changing requirements of the industry.

The foodstuffs industry has undergone significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a rising demand for food delivery services and a reinforced focus on quality, hygiene and safety standards. cargo-partner has reacted to these challenges by upgrading its warehousing capacities, last-mile solutions and value added services to meet the needs of its customers.

Prague: Temperature-Controlled Warehousing and Last-Mile Transport

Since the opening of the iLogistics Center Prague in 2019, cargo-partner has continuously expanded its logistics solutions for foodstuffs and perishables. In addition to the IFS certification for foodstuffs logistics, the warehouse is also certified for organic products in accordance with the EU Eco-regulation. The warehouse contains 3,500 m² of ambient (+15 to +25 °C) and 1,500 m² of chilled (+2 to +8 °C) storage space. Beside warehousing and value added services, the logistics provider also offers comprehensive fulfillment solutions for piece shipments.

One of cargo-partner’s clients in Prague is a manufacturer of organic dairy products. Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, explains: “Due to their short shelf life, dairy products require strict temperature control and the fastest possible delivery. cargo-partner ensures that our client’s products are kept at a constant temperature of +2 to +8 °C and reach our client’s customers quickly and safely.”

For another customer in the Czech Republic who sells fresh and deep-frozen fish, cargo-partner provides country-wide distribution services with an unbroken cold chain. The logistics provider transports the piece shipments weighing from 5 to 20 kg at a range of -23 to -21 °C and delivers them in a two-hour time window to the customer’s door.

Sofia: Assembly of Point-of-Sales Displays for Sweets Manufacturer

At its iLogistics Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, cargo-partner provides warehousing and value added services for an industry-leading sweets manufacturer. The warehouse is HACCP- and TAPA-A certified, ensuring the highest food safety and warehouse security standards. cargo-partner handles around 30 full truck loads per week for the sweets manufacturer. The provided services include storage, labeling as well as assembly of kits and point-of-sales display stands for supermarkets.

The process begins with cargo-partner receiving an order for the items to be placed on the displays, as well as a separate order for the cardboard material to make the display stands. cargo-partner’s warehouse team then transfers the items from the storage area to the co-packing area in the mezzanine. After assembling the display cases and arranging the products according to the customer’s specifications, cargo-partner makes the displays transport-ready on pallets. Finally, they are transferred back to the storage area, where they await the shipping order to the point of sales.

Turkey: 1,800 t of Fresh Fish per Year

For cargo-partner’s office in Izmir, Turkey, transports of fresh fish make up a significant part of the logistics provider’s daily business. Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey and home to some of the region’s most important exporters of fresh fish. With its branch at Izmir Airport, cargo-partner is ideally situated to provide fast airfreight services. In 2020, the logistics provider handled approximately 1,800 t of fresh fish and seafood exports from Izmir. In addition, cargo-partner has recently started providing its services to other fish farms throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

Serbia: Transport Solutions for Food Samples

In Serbia, one of cargo-partner’s special fields of expertise is the transport of food samples. Local foodstuffs producers regularly send samples to potential customers in Central Europe or the Far East. cargo-partner provides them with an all-round solution for the transport of temperature-sensitive fruit, vegetable and pastry samples by airfreight. The service range includes pickup and delivery in special refrigerated vehicles, temperature-controlled storage near Belgrade Airport, cross-checking of documents, customs clearance and cold chain monitoring. In addition, cargo-partner can provide packaging and cooling equipment such as temperature-controlled containers, dry ice and gel packs.