Chicago Music Exchange has been serving musicians around the world for more than 30 years through a combination of its downtown Chicago storefront and a thriving ecommerce operation. With a line around the block every morning before the store opens, Chicago Music Exchange is known for its museum-like storefront and first-class customer service experience--an experience they wanted to replicate in their supply chain processes. “The World's Greatest Guitar Store” ships out more than 120,000 instruments annually.

“Our supply chain tools weren’t communicating at all, we did almost everything through manual processes. As well, every time we hired a new crew member it would take them months to get acclimated to the processes, the SKUs and where everything fits in the warehouse,” said Brian Robertson, Shipping Manager, Chicago Music Exchange. “The Pacejet Built for NetSuite solution tuned our system right up, pulling together all of our supply chain operations for a fully connected solution.”

Pacejet, a 3G company, is an enterprise multi-carrier shipping software connecting businesses to all aspects of its shipping ecosystem.

Pacejet was an easy choice for the Chicago Music Exchange team, providing a native integration to NetSuite with connections to its e-commerce provider, bringing together a fully connected supply chain solution. By automating all warehouse, shipping and onboarding processes, Pacejet saved Chicago Music Exchange an estimated $68K in the first 12 months following implementation.

“We immediately decreased what we call ‘mis-ships’--basically when someone orders a red Telecaster but instead gets a blue one-- by more than 80%, and we can now train a new crew member in a couple of days versus a couple of months,” continued Robertson.

Pacejet is an innovative, cloud-based global shipping software company that helps businesses transform shipping from a business necessity into a strategic advantage. Pacejet was acquired by 3G in 2020 to more comprehensively serve shipper customers’ complex parcel shipping needs. Established in 2003, Pacejet was the first company to release a cloud-based shipping software platform for both mid-market and larger businesses.