Outsourced freight tracking is the latest module added to EBE Technologies’ SHIPSMobile enterprise solution.

Outsourced freight tracking provides real-time visibility to carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics providers. Carriers use the dispatcher dashboard to review the load planning data, reject or accept loads, and assign trucks. The module then automatically updates the transportation management system (TMS) of the company offering the freight to receive status and check-calls.

“Outsourced freight tracking is another desired module for transportation companies wanting to consolidate partners,” said Larry Kerr, president of EBE Technologies. “It began as an outsourced asset tracking module for trucks in a carrier’s TMS that didn’t have mobile communications capability. Once we satisfied that need, outsourced freight tracking of brokered loads was the next logical evolution.”

Another benefit of outsourced freight tracking is removing manual data entry as the module incorporates EBE’s advanced document capture and optical character recognition functionality, which automatically imports delivery documents and updates data in real time within the TMS. Additionally, by using GPS, the module compares the pickup or delivery times and sends alerts to both the offering company and the carrier of a possible service failure.

“This automation provides better utilization of company resources and the ability to react quickly to exceptions,” Kerr said. “Our clients realize increased customer satisfaction by providing solutions that ease the worries of moving freight.”