Emerge, the leading freight procurement platform, announced that DAT Freight & Analytics today, the largest on-demand freight marketplace and leading provider of data and analytics to the freight and trucking industry, will be the exclusive branded truckload rate benchmarking service provider for the Emerge Dynamic RFP platform, allowing Emerge customers to validate pricing using one of the industry’s most comprehensive sources of truckload rate data.

DAT rate data will be available through the Emerge Benchmarking feature, an enhancement to the Emerge Dynamic RFP platform that provides predictive information about how and when to conduct bid events.

“With DAT’s rate data displayed in Emerge Benchmarking, users can compare their pricing against the industry standard without having to leave the Emerge workflow,” said Andrew Leto, Emerge Founder and CEO. “We are committed to providing our customers with the data they need to make strategic decisions and adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.”

In addition to its industry-leading freight procurement platform, with Emerge’s Benchmarking capabilities, users gain business intelligence to further enhance their freight sourcing strategies. Emerge also has a marketplace that directly connects shippers and carriers with near real-time data about open loads, eliminating extra steps to secure loads already being handled. This unique marketplace offers opportunities for carriers to serve new shippers and for shippers to expand their network of carriers.

“Like Emerge, we understand why customers want to compare their rates to a trusted third party when they procure freight services,” said Mike Weaver, Vice President of Sales at DAT. “The need for clear, independent, accurate, and statistically valid benchmarking has never been more vital. We’re excited to work with Emerge and help their customers develop more successful RFPs and stronger relationships among all parties to their freight transactions.”