OOCL Logistics will launch its in-house United States Customs Brokerage Service. As a global leader of innovative supply chain and logistics solutions, OOCL Logistics is introducing U.S. Customs Brokerage Services in its end-to-end process to deliver customers an enhanced, integrated package.

Utilizing our industry leading, proprietary information technology platforms, OOCL Logistics U.S. Customs Brokerage Services will drive detailed and automated processes keeping your business compliant with government rules and regulations.

The OOCL Logistics U.S. Customs Brokerage Team is comprised of experienced, licensed brokers. Our highly trained customs experts will provide a tailored, efficient process to ensure your entries comply with all government regulations, fast tracking your cargo clearance and coordinating timely delivery.

The entire OOCL Logistics team is delighted to further advance our innovative and tailored supply chain solutions with the introduction of our U.S. Customs Brokerage product to optimize your companies end-to-end supply chain visibility.