Parade announced its partnership with 3G, one of the leading providers of modern-day transportation management systems.

Parade connects all your sources of capacity and carrier information and uses machine learning to match loads with capacity. This single source of information connects to 3G’s TMS – your single source of execution – to enable seamless booking, carrier re-use and management workflows.

“I am excited about our partnership with Parade. The opportunity for brokers to digitize their operations, by combining 3G’s execution workflows with Parade’s capacity management is truly a game-changer for freight brokers looking to scale their business,” said Paul Brady, CEO of 3G. “The ability to locate and book the best loads is at the core of a brokerage’s success. With this partnership, brokers can do both more-efficiently, expanding their business and supporting their bottom line.”

“Parade adds intelligent capacity management to a freight broker’s execution workflows to automatically qualify carriers, post to load boards, and match loads to capacity, all within 3G’s TMS,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO and co-founder of Parade. “Partnering with 3G will help freight brokers achieve their digital transformation goals quicker. The partnership of Parade and 3G helps freight brokers to realize profits sooner by booking more loads, faster, and at a lower cost.”

Parade’s machine learning matches loads with capacity so that carriers are offered the best loads for their business, helping to build stronger broker-carrier relationships. The carrier information created by Parade connects to 3G’s TMS, enabling seamless booking, carrier re-use, and management workflow.

Freight brokers can book more loads in less time with better margins when using Parade and increase their capacity to manage those loads with 3G’s TMS. Parade users have seen booking increases of up to 30% and a 25% increase in repeat carriers doing 4+ loads and up. Other benefits of using Parade include:

  • Carriers have the option to quote and digitally book loads
  • Add new carriers easily to grow your carrier base and increase carrier re-use
  • Improve carrier relationships
  • Carrier reps can post loads where their preferred carriers are finding & booking freight