Tyrata technology validated as a simple, low-cost solution for automated, direct tread wear monitoring

Tyrata, Inc., a tire sensor and data management company, has achieved an operational deployment milestone by completing a twelve-month study of its IntelliTread Drive-Over System (DOS) at the Durham City Transit Company (DCTC). The system is now fully qualified and operational for deployment by large fleets.

The DOS collects fleet tire data by direct measurement of the tire tread when a vehicle drives over a speed bump-like unit. The DOS is linked to Tyrata.io, a cloud-based data analytics platform, to provide drivers and service managers with automated tire wear monitoring. The DCTC study demonstrated the potential for immediate efficiencies by extending the usage life of tires while maintaining strict safely requirements. Initial analysis shows that even a modest tire wear reduction of 1 mm leads to a 10% savings in annual tire purchases with significant sustainability gains. Details of this study can be found in a recent Tyrata webinar.

In early 2020, Tyrata installed one of its first Intellitreadâ„¢ Drive-Over Systems at a GoDurham bus depot managed by the Durham City Transit Company (DCTC). With the DOS, GoDurham’s data gathering operations became fully automated, enabling daily tire measurements. This was a significant improvement over traditional manual measuring that is often limited in accuracy and frequency because of resource limitations. With DOS automated tire monitoring, DCTC created a historical reference database for continuous tread wear data on all tires in the fleet, opening the door for an optimized, low-cost approach to tire management.

“We are grateful to the city of Durham and DCTC for providing us an opportunity to complete this significant milestone,” said Jesko von Windheim, CEO of Tyrata. “With this partnership we have been able to definitively demonstrate the value of continuous data collection on tires.”

“We are convinced that automated, regular monitoring of tires can help optimize tire management on our fleet while maintaining safety,” said Bob Losiniecki, Maintenance Director of DCTC. “We look forward to employing Tyrata’s DOS in our tire management program.”