by James Daniels

The expenses of transportation within your business are something that needs to be kept on top of and reevaluated on a regular basis. As logistics costs can fluctuate extremely often, it’s always important to keep tabs on where your expenditure is going, how much transportation is costing you, and where you can potentially look to save. If your business depends completely on the shipping of materials or a completed product, then transportation costs are always something you’re going to have to include in your business budget and plan accordingly.

Breaking Down Expected Costs

So how can you explore the costs relating to transportation for specific industries and products? Understanding your full supply chain is crucial for breaking down the costs.

Where is your product coming from?

Firstly, where do you need to source the materials for your product? Whether this is the base materials to be shipped to you in order to make your product, or if the materials are used to create your product elsewhere and then shipped to you, this is a main cost that needs to be considered.

For example, if you’re in the clothing industry and need to ship materials for your clothing items, where are they sourced from and how much will it cost to get them shipped to you? For subscription items, like kids outfits with kidpik, this will also be on a regular ongoing basis for committed clients, so making sure you can always source your relevant materials is key.

Can you source cheaper materials from elsewhere, for a lower transportation cost?

It’s also a good idea to explore different locations for sourcing material. If you can reduce the distance, you may be able to save money on transportation costs for the same item or material.

Are you including shipping charges for your product?

No matter whether your product is big or small, there will always be shipping costs involved. An important question to ask is whether you need to charge your customers a delivery or shipping cost or incorporate shipping charges into the price of your product. Offering free shipping is appealing, but you need to make sure you can balance out the transportation costs you’re paying yourself to bring in your product to sell.

The Importance of Transportation for Your Business

If your business relies on the shipping of goods or product materials from one place to sell them where there is a key demand, transportation services and investment are essential. If you have no market potential at the location where your goods or products are sourced, it’s vital to ship them where you can sell them to make a profit.

Logistics, in any capacity, is therefore vital for your business, which is why having a clear understanding of transportation options and costs for your company is vital as well.

While it’s important to always seek out the most cost-effective method of shipping your goods, it’s also important to not cut any corners when it comes to the supply chain and transportation, as this could risk delays, problems, or failure of your goods being shipped all together.

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