Zencargo, a London-based digital freight forwarder, has selected Chain.io, a cloud-based supply chain integration platform, to seamlessly connect its supply chain processes, leveraging Zencargo’s public-facing APIs to integrate with shippers who prefer to integrate using more traditional methods like file transfers and EDI.

More and more large shippers are relying on digital forwarders like Zencargo to supercharge their supply chains’ agility and resilience. Zencargo selected Chain.io to help these companies bridge the gap between their legacy ERPs and Zencargo’s modern digital experience.

“At Chain.io, we’re big believers that the future of supply chains is seamless connectivity across the global digital nervous system,” said Brain Glick, chief executive officer and founder, Chain.io. “Companies shouldn’t be limited in their ability to leverage the latest innovations in our space because of the limitations of their legacy systems. We’re excited to help Zencargo’s customers bridge this gap.”

Zencargo has built a digital platform designed to rethink how large shipping companies and their customers manage and move cargo, enabling businesses to be more efficient, accurate, and sustainable in their logistics operations to maximize end-to-end supply chain value .

“It’s more important than ever for businesses to make informed supply chain decisions that will enable them to better serve and satisfy their customers throughout any disruption,” said Alex Hersham, chief executive officer and co-founder, Zencargo. “We founded Zencargo on the belief that there was a better way to run supply chains using technology, and Chain.io is the perfect partner to help us do that.”