Asendia USA has announced a joint venture with Broad Reach and Dave Mays to further strengthen and expand its service offering for US-based retailers shipping to Canada. Dave Mays, CEO of Broad Reach, brings over two decades of experience in cross-border e-commerce logistics with a specific expertise in developing best-in-class solutions for retailers selling to Canada.

Through this joint venture, majority owned by Asendia USA, Dave Mays will apply his extensive knowledge of the market to further strengthen Asendia’s infrastructure and distribution channels into Canada. Mays will be dedicated to developing industry-best technologies and services for e-commerce sellers. From digital solutions to help retailers enhance their websites, to efficient and cost-effective direct entry distribution solutions, this collaboration will make cross-border selling to Canada even easier for US retailers. Enhanced digital solutions will allow US brands to improve customer experience on their websites to better attract and retain Canadian online shoppers, while unique and reliable shipping solutions at competitive rates will help retailers’ grow sales across the border with ease.

With Asendia USA looking to expand its existing solutions to Canada in 2022, both from the USA and globally, this joint venture is key to our strategic growth plans. Dave Mays brings a wealth of industry experience and a proven track record of establishing and growing market-leading cross-border e-commerce logistics businesses, with a special focus on US to Canada. Mays will work closely with Asendia USA to boost its offering to this market with more robust e-commerce solutions than ever before. US-based online retailers that take advantage of these solutions will benefit from convenient access to operational facilities located nationwide, multiple entry points within Canada, northbound freight management and customs clearance, direct entry into the Canadian final mile network, delivery within 2 to 6 days to major points, improved transit options (expedited and standard), enhanced tracking and visibility, and more.

With an e-commerce ecosystem that is booming, and an overwhelming majority of the population speaking English and shopping cross-border, Canada represents a tremendous and promising opportunity for US-based etailers looking to expand internationally with ease. However, shipping from the US to Canada poses its own challenges as well — like maintaining efficient deliveries across the sheer size of the country. There’s room for growth in this market and a need for more attractive solutions for retailers. To achieve this growth, the joint venture seeks to invest in additional facilities and trucking lanes, offer timely and consistent e-commerce shipping to Canada with convenient access for etailers from east to west coast USA, and ultimately expand its own presence across the border.

“I look forward to working in collaboration with Asendia to reach new heights of excellence for US merchants shipping to Canada. I couldn’t be more motivated,” says Dave Mays, CEO of Broad Reach. “My experience and skill set perfectly compliment the current international parcel logistics network at Asendia. Together, we will help raise the bar for cross-border e-commerce from US to Canada. I’m energized to be working with a very strong team here in the USA and abroad while keeping my focus on Canada and our relentless commitment to improvement and innovation.”

Rob DiVincenzo, CEO of Asendia USA, says, “Dave brings a unique combination of market knowledge, expertise, and experience to further drive Asendia USA’s expansion into the Canadian e-commerce market. Asendia USA is very excited to have Dave on our team and is looking forward to offering US retailers an amazing portfolio of solutions to successfully grow their business north of the border.”