Descartes Systems Group announced that San Diego-based ASRV replaced manual paper-based order fulfillment practices in its warehouse with Descartes’ combined ecommerce warehouse management and shipping solution to meet rising order volumes, tighten inventory control and hone the customer experience.

“At ASRV, we are inspired to continually innovate our products and we recognized that we needed to reimagine fulfillment operations to enrich the customer experience and facilitate our ability to grow,” said David Chang, Head of Operations, at ASRV. “By building our fulfillment tech stack around the Descartes solution, we can maintain accurate inventory levels for our 2,000 SKUs, efficiently ship thousands of orders per month and easily scale to meet escalating demand and order volume spikes.”

Descartes’ ecommerce warehouse management solution helps direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers drive significant efficiencies across order fulfillment processes to optimize the customer experience. It helps retailers ship the right items on time, prevents overselling of existing inventory, and provides full transparency into warehouse operations. The cloud-based solution is pre-integrated with major ecommerce platforms, like Channel Advisor, Shopify Plus, Magento and others, to accelerate implementation and time to value.

Descartes’ multi-carrier shipping solution is integrated with its ecommerce warehouse management solution to seamlessly execute its entire ecommerce fulfillment process, improving warehouse accuracy and productivity, reducing order lead-time, and minimizing shipping costs. One of the most widely integrated multi-carrier shipping platforms available, the quick-to-deploy solution allows businesses to grow their shipping volume through advanced automation capabilities, a powerful business rule engine, and a strong set of APIs for rating, shipping and tracking. The solution also connects ecommerce companies to their parcel and LTL carriers of choice using their own negotiated rates or using rate discounts available through the platform.

“An outstanding customer experience is critical to ecommerce success, and we’re pleased to help ASRV eliminate manual processes with our ecommerce warehouse and shipping solution to improve fulfillment performance,” said Troy Graham, VP Business Development at Descartes. “The automation our solution brings also provides ecommerce companies with the ability to quickly scale their operations to meet demand peaks, but without necessarily having to significantly increase resources to meet them.”