For Importers AGS, a full service transportation and logistics provider has introduced AGS Import Advantage service, a comprehensive menu of services to aid importers in getting products from their overseas suppliers direct to their factory or their customers’ doors anywhere in the U.S.

Bob Imbriani, VP of International Operations for AGS, says: “With AGS Import Advantage service, the single source solution means the importer and their customer enjoys seamless integration of every element in the import supply chain from tracking of purchase orders and pick up at point of origin to final destination in the U.S.”

Among its many benefits, this innovative service offers importers hard-to-beat rates from more than 205 countries, whether they’re shipping by land, air or sea. AGS can provide door-to-door service with its overseas affiliates at the point of origin ensuring all the paperwork is in order, including the new 10 + 2 additional data elements of AMS, transmitting the documents to AGS in the U.S. This helps prevent customs bottlenecks and speeds clearance.

Better still, AGS gives its customers an online freight management system that offers them real-time control and their own web site ( with detailed information.”

As part of the services offered under AGS Import Advantage, AGS’ representatives will visit the importers suppliers overseas to insure that packing and other requirements are in order, as well as giving the importer the exact sailings schedule or the flight number for air shipments.

Upon arrival in the United States, AGS can handle all customs clearance.

After clearance at the US port/airport, the importer can take advantage of AGS’ vast domestic network for moving the imported products directly to their customer by any mode of transport, from overnight to low cost LTL. In addition, products can be warehoused with a variety of pick and pack services available.