In comments filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration late last week, American Trucking Associations called on the agency to swiftly issue a mandate for commercial truck drivers to use electronic logging devices to monitor their compliance with hours-of-service requirements.

“ATA supports laws and regulations mandating the installation and use of electronic logging devices for recording drivers’ hours of service. To this end, ATA advocated for the MAP -21 provision mandating a rulemaking to require ELDs,” ATA said in its June 26 comments. “ATA is confident that such devices will improve compliance with the hours-of-service regulations and ultimately safety.”

“For ATA’s members safety is the highest priority,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves, “and as such, we stand behind the agency as it advances a common sense solution to improving the safety of our nation’s highways.”

In its comments, ATA also called on the agency to provide incentives to encourage adoption of the technology in advance of the mandate.

“We know these devices can improve safety, so it makes sense for FMCSA to do all they can to encourage adoption of electronic logging devices,” Graves said.