Today, the American Trucking Associations presented the association’s highest honor, the S. Earl Dove Highway Award, to longtime industry contributor Dave Parker.

“Dave Parker had a tremendous presence in our industry. He had a passion for trucking, a dedication to the ATA Federation and a willingness to share his knowledge and experiences with many, many others,” said Nathan Meisgeier, Werner Enterprises Inc. executive vice president and chief legal officer, who presented the award here. “He was a Marine officer and an esteemed attorney and spent virtually his entire professional career helping truckers in one capacity or another.”

ATA’s highest honor, the S. Earl Dove Highway Award recognizes individuals whose contributions of time, energy and intelligence have advanced the interests of the trucking industry and the ATA federation. The award is named for former ATA Chairman and former owner of AAA Cooper Transportation.

“Dave was a friend, an advisor and a true warrior for this industry,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “He honored us with his efforts on behalf of trucking, and we’re humbled to honor him and his legacy with this award.”

Parker served in the Marines, earning the rank of captain, before attending law school and establishing a career both for trucking companies and in private practice, most recently as senior legal counsel for Great West Casualty Co. and Great West Risk Management.

An industry leader, he was chairman of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and an active member of ATA, notably with the Insurance Task Force, tirelessly spearheading state-by-state efforts to enact anti-indemnification laws across the country.

Parker passed away last year from cancer at the age of 80.

Steve Ponder, executive vice president of Great West Casualty, accepted the award on behalf of Dave’s wife Nancy, at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition.

Since its creation in 1989 as ATA’s highest honor, the S. Earl Dove Highway Award has been given to 14 people:

1989 – S. Earl Dove

1990 – J. Harwood Cochrane

1991 – Richard L. Few

1992 – William E. Yocum

1992 – Lana R. Batts

1993 – Dale K. Craig

1996 – Mary E. Turkington

1997 – Thomas J. Donohue

2001 – Congressman Bud Shuster

2003 – Michael Jackson

2008 – J. Robert Halladay

2011 – Michael W. Wickham

2018 – John Conkin (Posthumous)

2021 – David Parker (Posthumous)