Sea Air traffic at Athens, launched earlier this year, is progressing well with a steady increase in new traffic. The latest shipment, the movement of garments from Jordan to New York, illustrates clearly that this method can be both cost effective and rapid. The cargo arrived at the port of Piraeus by ro/ro ship from Haifa on October first. The 79 ton shipment, consisting of 8017 cartons, was loaded onto seven trucks, cleared Customs the same day and was transferred to Olympic Airways’ cargo terminal at the airport.

In order to fulfil the October 7th deadline for delivery in New York,

the cargo was flown on different flights from Olympic as well as British Airways flights to London and then to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC, and then trucked back to New York.

‘This is a classic example of how useful the Sea Air system can be,’ stated Alexis Sioris of Athens international airport, cargo department. ‘Achieving the tight deadlines and meeting the economies needed for this type of shipment is the reason we were convinced that this additional facility would prove its worth. The combined team work of both airlines is typical of the cargo community spirit which we have built up.’