The ability to act quickly and efficiently has resulted in new and valuable shipments for the Athens Sea Air project. Aktis Shipping and Forwarding has been able to satisfy an important customer with prompt action. A shipment of 97 tons of special tiles bound for a project in Abu Dhabi, arrived by sea at the port of Piraeus from Brazil. The shipment was fast-tracked through a huge build-up of freight delayed by a strike and arrived at the airport. The cargo was loaded on four daily Emirates flights on consecutive days plus the Royal Jordanian freighter service. The entire shipment was delivered on time.

Dimitri Mendrinos, CEO and owner of Aktis expressed his satisfaction at the smoothness of the process. ‘We were in a good position to expedite this shipment. We are the Customs broker for Sea Air cargo at the port so were able to deal with the five twenty ft. containers quickly and get them to the airport the same day. The customer needed the consignment urgently and was pleased to get them before the deadline. We have other shipments planned for the near future and this success gives us a lot of encouragement. Most of our business is Ocean freight with regular routes to the Far East and The Americas, but our associate company Alpha Air Freight concentrates on the specialized Air cargo market. I can honestly say that we experienced no problems at all with this shipment.’

Alexis Sioris, Manager Cargo Development at Athens International Airport, who was the main advocate of setting up the SEA Air project, reports that according to a spokesman for the port, the conditions set out in the MOU were followed and the shipment received top priority despite a large backlog of strike bound sea freight. ‘We are really excited at this success and feel confident about marketing this service vigorously now.’

Abu Dhabi